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Finally checking in from Greece where we have spent the past few days, mostly on the island of Tinos. There’s so much I want to share, so much I would like to talk about, with some fears of being off-topic and boring my readers, for whom I am so thankful, with the numerous ramblings and thoughts on food, parenting, family, culture, and life in general as a human being on this planet, which our travels have given rise to. But all in good time.

For now, besides sharing some of these images of our days and lunches, I shall continue my Sunday menu tradition, sharing what we ate this week. I suspected Pablo would enjoy Greek food very much, and it was confirmed. I was reminded how varied, flavorful and healthy Greek food can be. We had many raw and cooked vegetables, goat, beef, lamb, fish. Olive oil, lemon and herbs are staples. Breakfast has consisted of Greek yogurt with honey, grapes and cheese pie (a puff pastry with a mild creamy cheese filling). Afternoon snacks have been mostly fruit and a few more cracker-type biscuits than I care to admit!



I will definitely be following up with recipes for a lot of these dishes in the coming weeks, especially as I intend to integrate a number of them into our regular menus back home.  I am also hoping to do a post about Greek salad – the real deal – within the next couple of days, so stay tuned if you’re so inclined…




Appetizer / Finger Foods: Traditional Greek salad

Main course: Pastitchio (Greek version of the lasagna)



Appetizer / Finger Foods: Traditional Greek salad, eggplant salad (this was actually a cold eggplant puree with spices and lemon)

Main course: Small fry fish (pan-fried), zucchini in light batter.


Appetizer / Finger Foods: Traditional Greek salad, tzatziki spread

Main course: Lamb Gyro sandwich



Appetizer / Finger Foods: Traditional Greek salad, tarama spread

Main course: Pan-fried red mullet, boiled small chards with lemon and olive oil, potato fries


Appetizer / Finger Foods: Cabbage slaw with balsamic vinegar and pomegranate seeds

Main course: Meatballs with light tomato sauce (no comparison with what that is in the US), pan-fried green beans



Appetizer / Finger Foods:  Traditional Crete salad (similar to the Greek salad, with a slice of stale bread soaked in water, olive oil and lemon at the bottom of the plate), pickled artichoke hearts

Main course: Goat ragout in lemon sauce, potato fries, eggplant and tomato gratin


Appetizer / Finger Foods: Traditional Greek Salad

Main course: Beef patties


Lunch (on the boat)

Appetizer / Finger Foods: Cucumber and feta

Main course: Meat balls (beef, onions, oregano) with potato fries


Appetizer / Finger Foods: Traditional Greek salad

Main course: Stewed zucchinis, eggplant and potatoes, followed by fruit (melon, peach, grapes, figs)


One thought on “When in Greece…

  1. Love the French advice on feeding. We eat well and varied food until now – almost 17 months.

    Breakfast is fine – toast with butter and sliced fruit he feeds himself. Lunch is a struggle – I spoofeed him. He holds a spoon , no problem , but steadily feeding himself , we are far from that moment. I spoonfeed him yoghurt after the main meal and that is not a problem. Go figure. Gouter – any custard type of food is a struggle. Pancake or French toast are a hit – use fork and knife to feed him. Followed by sliced fruit – not a problem. Dinner is cooked veg with ricotta and olive oil – we can just about manage that by distracting him – giving him plastic bowl and spoon to play with.

    Did you have any problems at any point moving from you feeding him to him trying to feed himself. Will appreciate any tips on this progression?

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