Sunchokes, chestnuts, vanilla & truffle… all in a day’s soup

Day 2 of my mini-holiday recipe marathon here. If you missed my post with 4 holiday hors d’œuvres recipes yesterday, cheese puffs, goat cheese mousse and tahitian poisson cru await right here.

I have been obsessed with soups lately, they’re easy, they’re delicious, they’re nutritious. Such a comfort food. And it’s a great way to use seasonal produce. Pablo has really been loving them, having now become proficient at eating them with a spoon on his own (with some minor collateral damages, of course…). Every time I’ve heard him say “Mmm…” while gulping down a homemade soup, I’ve felt as if I was witnessing the very process of his brain and body associating soup with comfort and goodness. Sense memories being formed before my eyes. With a soup I made. Enough to warm a mother’s soul.

If you’re looking for soup inspiration, check out some of my recent favorites here, here, here and here.

Soup is also a great way to experiment with cooking without taking too much risk. For example, I am a fairly novice baker, and am always a bit nervous about experimenting and changing cookie, cake or dough recipes. But soups are much more forgiving and easy that way.

This particular soup was really fun to experiment with. We are big fans of plain sunchoke velouté (sunchokes are also called Jerusalem artichokes in some part of the world, by the way), but adding chestnuts gives it a sweetness that evokes winter, with a touch of exotic from the vanilla and coconut milk, and a hint of luxury from the truffle. It’s a lovely holiday first course. Though I have a feeling we will be making this soup regularly after the holidays as well. And I think Santa will prefer this soup to the proverbial cookies this year!

Back tomorrow for our third holiday installment: my mother’s signature dish of scallops with avocado sauce, another great first course for a smaller dinner party.

2 thoughts on “Sunchokes, chestnuts, vanilla & truffle… all in a day’s soup

    1. Thanks so much, Beth! Once I get my hands on those Tennessee truffles, I'll have to try adding them to this soup. Sunchokes and truffles are a match made in heaven.

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