Strawberry Pie with Crème Fraîche, an easy spring dessert

This Strawberry Pie ticks all the boxes: It is no-bake, it’s not too sweet, it’s seasonal, it’s gorgeous and will impress a crowd, and most importantly, it is delicious. In the world of quick and easy desserts, it wins the prize.

We are not a big dessert family. In fact, Pablo’s been telling his friends his favorite dessert is cheese! Teaching his peers the ways of the French gourmet 😉 Our most common, every day dessert, is a piece of fruit. Growing up, my mother always gave new seasonal fruit a magical aura. I always made wish at the first bite of the first fruit of the season.

Fresh strawberries
sliced Strawberries in a bowl

And t’is strawberry season indeed! My favorite way to eat strawberries, is to simply sprinkle them with sugar, and dip them in some crème fraîche. It’s an easy dessert, but it’s so decadent. This dessert is a slightly evolved version of it. I used “Petits Beurres“, the simple butter cookies of my childhood in France, to make a no-bake pie dough. You can easily replace them with shortbread butter cookies, or Speculoos if you can find them. (Here’s a video step-by-step guide.)

So what you get when you bite into this Strawberry Pie, is a taste of buttery cookie, soft & sweet cream, and the flavor of a juicy strawberry. And that’s indeed a slice of spring heaven!

Butter cookie no bake pie dough made with cookies and butter
a butter cookie pie dough pressed in a pie mold
Cream in pie dough

I’ve been thinking about how food connects us in different ways. Or it can be seen and used as a great connector, a great link, not only to each other at the table and in the kitchen, but it also reminds us we belong to this Earth, through the appreciation of freshly grown, seasonal ingredients. And it connects us our past, through the flavors of our childhood. Last, but not least, it reminds us we belong to ourselves, through the ultimate act of self-care: bringing pleasure and joy to our souls and bodies. Hereby lies the power of this Strawberry Tart 😉

a strawberry pie with cream and mint and blueberry garnish

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