Weathering life, one simple celeriac soup at a time

In truth, I can’t begin to describe the turmoils our lives are currently in. Remnants of previous turmoils, and new turmoils, waves of them, which I weather the best I can. Amidst angst and chaos, I have found myself at a loss for words in this space. This holiday week, I so wish I was coming to you with profound words and an elaborate scrumptious dish worthy of the greatness of love and life. Yet humbly, all I can bring to this virtual table, is a few sparks of joy that have grounded me, made me remember to be grateful for love and life. And this simple pumpkin celeriac soup to warm the soul.

Today, I feel grateful for…

… the overwhelming generosity and support of friends and family who truly care
… a dinner interrupted for a dance with my son
this post by lovely Shanna, so true and inspiring
… the San Gabriel mountains, serene arms enveloping and watching over us in our new home
… a glimpse of Pablo’s curls with the sun shining through, and his smile too
… your interest, patience, encouragements, comments & support
… every single challenge parenting has brought into my life
… our meals, pillars of our family life
… the warmth of our family’s Thanksgiving celebration (I am making this casserole, and these rolls)
… screams of joy at the sight of the first Christmas lights
… the ability to know and share myself, to love and be vulnerable…

Pablo and I have the great fortune to be going to visit friends in Paris for a couple of weeks in December, a much needed break that is as highly anticipated as it was unexpected. I look forward to sharing with you (here, on Facebook and Instagram) the inescapable good food experiences it will entail…

May you have a joyful Thanksgiving, may your souls feel as nourished and full as your bellies…

Pumpkin Celeriac Soup



4 thoughts on “Weathering life, one simple celeriac soup at a time

  1. I have both pumpkin and celeriac in the fridge so soup it is tonight! I'm saddened to hear of your pain. In the midst of my own trials of angst and separation I know how overwhelming it can be. I wish I had your strength to weather the storms. I too am grateful for my daughter and the joy she brings to my life. Have a relaxing time in Paris, I look forward to lots of yummy adventures.

  2. Hey lovely, just wanted to drop a note to say that you are an amazing soul and I am always so in awe of your strength and your love for the things you do and the people around you. Here's my turn to thank you for always being such a wonderful person and inspiring me with your writing and the way you care for Pablo. Have a good Thanksgiving! p.s. soup is a stunner.

  3. Hey just wrote a blog post and in it I mention having to cook for my family while my mum's on holiday. BLOODY HARD WORK. Now I know why you can't just be spontaneous and random in the kitchen! Linked you up in my line 'I'm in awe of mums out there' 🙂 Because I am. Hope you'er doing fine/ better… Lots of love and happy christmas x

  4. 5 stars
    I love cooking with coconut and cardamom, they both add very subtle flavors to any dish.
    This pumpkin soup looks very delicious, I love the simplicity of this recipe.

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