A simple pear cake

Pear Almond Spelt Cake

This simple pear cake is the perfect delicate bite to go with a mindful chat.

Attunement has been on my mind lately. You know, how tuned in we are to the outside world, to the feelings and state of mind of those around us,  and to our own, and how to strike that balance.

I happened to have trained myself since childhood to attune to others really well. This has turned out to be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because I want to and am often able to really see and feel the people close to me, to give them acknowledgement, empathy and understanding. But also a curse, because basically, I have attuned to others to make sure I do whatever it takes to please and be loved. In short, to fill a void, a fear within.

Especially since Pablo was born, I have been – slowly – learning to attune to myself again. And I have a long way to go. One place it can begin though, is at the table. I did a lot of emotional eating when I was younger, and as I have been trusting Pablo to listen to his own body and what it needs, I have been practicing to do the same.

I have seen him go through phases of eating more meat, or more greens, or more fruit, or more dairy, admiring his ability to instinctively know what his body needs at a particular time. I have seen him not finish a piece of chocolate cake (and the boy does love chocolate) because his body said it was enough.  I am trying my very best to run no interference with what his body tells him. I offer a variety of real, tasty foods, he chooses what and how much to eat.
This week, he had a stomach bug (oh what fun 😉 our menus got reduced to rice, carrots and apples…). Once again, I noticed he knew what he needed, he knew when to drink water, when to rest and sleep.
This self-attunement is such an invaluable resource.

Ultimately, in every area of life, my goal is for my son to listen to himself, to his true inner voice. I choose to trust him to do so, so he will trust himself. I don’t want him to do what I want or say in order to get my approval. I want him to know I trust him so he will discover what is right and what works for him. I want him to make his own decisions rather than follow what others may say (peer pressure) or do what he thinks others want (overachievement from insecurity), in order to obtain their acceptance or validation.

Sometimes, my attunement to other people’s feelings is deafening, so much so that I can’t even hear or listen to myself. It can trigger such insecurities that it backfires and I can’t be emotionally available to others. So I’m working on ways to get grounded again, back to myself. The balance between the outside world and our inner life. Bottom line is, we cannot really be open to the world, if we are not attuned to ourselves, our needs. We can’t have compassion for others, if we don’t have it for ourselves. We can’t trust others if we don’t trust ourselves.

It all starts within.

What a tremendously important thing for me to learn, in an effort to have healthy, respectful relationships free of guilt, manipulation or control. I feel sadness for not being able to learn it earlier in my life. But gratitude for learning it now.

Cooking for me, in the last couple of years especially, has become a sort of meditation. A conscious gesture to seek to ground myself, be connected to the physical world, and inside of myself at the same time. A way to practice that balance of self-attunement and open-mindedness to the world.

One afternoon, making this simple pear cake, and enjoying it with Pablo with a cup of tea and the low afternoon sun, brought me inner peace.

May it do the same for you when you need it…

pear cake with spelt flour and almond meal

Almond Spelt Pear Cake

Almond Spelt Pear Cake

8 thoughts on “A simple pear cake

  1. "Sometimes, my attunement to other people's feelings is deafening, so much so that I can't even hear or listen to myself."

    It's like you're inside my head. I relate to this so much, I can't believe it. Sometimes I literally have to tell myself not to think about someone or something because my mind can't handle all the thoughts, so many thoughts, all the time, and I get lost in it.

    1. Can't believe it's taken me so long to answer comments on this post 🙁 I so often feel like you're inside my head when reading your posts as well, Shanna 🙂 Thanks so much for coming by.

  2. I just love your blog. Your recipes are great and I love your insight-it's so true that we need to listen to ourselves and ignore all the other noise around us.

  3. Helene! You're back! I'm sorry I missed out the earlier one, but HURRAH all the same. Hope things are better now for you wherever you are. Love today's post, the recipe (my favourite flavours in one. And god I would love a simple moist cake. Spelt my favourite to replace wheat flours when I can) and the insight. WHen I was away for a bit (yeah yet another trip, last month) I did a yoga retreat. I went there to learn more about the practice, but instead learnt a lot more about the less physical side of the practice- listening to yourself, and just tuning out. Meditating (sounds so zen and om and wtf) has really made me see things a lot better and to feel a lot happier and no i am not being a crazy new-agey guru; meditating is simply what you talked about in your post, tuning in to yourself. Take care love! x

  4. Just stumbled upon your beautiful blog while I was vising Shuhan's. The spelt bread looks fantastic! Those bosc pears must have added so much flavor to the cake! Look your elegant serving wares too! Great post!

  5. What a gorgeous looking cake and a smart wee boy. My Cooper would just eat and eat chocolate if left to his own devices. Luckily he likes snacking on fruit too.

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