Easy & Creamy Instant Pot Yogurt

Starting to make Instant Pot Yogurt on a regular basis is one of the most gratifying things I home make. It really couldn’t be any easier with the Instant Pot. No more trying to get the right temperature or the right texture. This one is perfect every. single. time.

A bowl of homemade Instant Pot Yogurt with berries and almonds

Plain Yogurt is definitely a staple in our family. It is one of our favorite breakfasts or “goûters” (aka afternoon snack), plain yogurt with a sprinkle of sugar and sliced almonds, sometimes blueberries or seasonal fruit. Pablo also loves it with homemade granola. The French will often have yogurt for dessert at the end of the meal.

I also use yogurt A LOT in cooking, to make tzatziki and other dips, creamy garnish for soups or vegetables, deviled eggs, French yogurt cake. Possibilities are endless!

So here I go with my case for homemade Instant Pot Yogurt! 🙂

It is worth buying an Instant Pot JUST for making homemade yogurt

If you like yogurt and consume it regularly, even if you don’t use the Instant Pot for anything else (and I’m pretty sure you will, as I did), it’s worth having it. It just takes all the guess work out of the task, which in turns helps making it more regularly and consistently. It can become a habit and part of your routine and only requires a few minutes of your time.

Instant Pot, milk and yogurt culture

I recommend using frozen Yogurt Culture for your Instant Pot Yogurt

While you can absolutely use 1 TBSP of good quality live plain yogurt (not too much, here’s why), I found that the texture is more consistent and reliable when I use Yogurt Culture. I get all my cultures and rennets here. A small container lasts a really long time, at 1/8 tsp per 1/2 gallon.

Foods taste better when you make them

Well, most of the time 😉 What I mean, is that when you’ve taken the time and made the effort to homemake something, you tend to enjoy it more mindfully and have that sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. You enjoy it with that added sense of gratification, and gratitude for the process and for yourself. This is definitely a process children can be involved in, whether it’s pouring the milk in the bowl for younger children, to measuring the temperature and learning about yogurt bacteria for older children. They too will enjoy it differently if they’ve participated in the process!

Homemade Yogurt means you buy less plastic!

Most good yogurt nowadays come in plastic tubs, I used to buy 2 tubs of plastic a week. Now I make it and re-use glass jars. That’s about 100 less plastic tubs a year. It’s a small step, but still significant if more of us do it.

All right, I think I’ve made my case 🙂 Let me know how your yogurt turns out and if you’re ready to make the switch!

And check out my Reels on Instagram for a quick video tutorial!

a bowl of creamy plain Instant Pot Yogurt

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  1. 5 stars
    Love this recipe. So easy and the result is this creamy yogurt that tastes so much like the ones from France.

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