Ideas for a great Easter dinner (lunch or any spring meal!)

This week, I wanted to share two festive menu options to offer some ideas for a lovely Easter dinner or lunch, or any spring meal or celebration. If you are able to safely have a small gathering, they are so good for the soul, and help so much with reconnection, after this year of isolation and lockdown. Even if it’s just your family, make a special meal with fresh, seasonal ingredients, eat outdoors if you can, get out a tablecloth and cloth napkins, bring the nice China out, give the kids a fancy glass. No matter if you don’t have matching garden furniture or matching plates, we certainly don’t! Just let your festive spirit shine through in celebration of the season of renewal.

A festive Easter dinner table set outside, and a hand holding a glass of champagne in front of a spring feast menu board

I grew up somewhat isolated, celebrating most holidays alone with a single mom. Yet my mom had this incredible gift for creating a festive occasion out of the simplest meals, by simply doing these things. I would drink water in a nice wine glass. We’d always have nice napkins, and a nice table setting. Fork on the left, knives on the right. We’d eat in courses, with candles and flowers on the table, play nice music, even for the simplest of meals. This moment of nourishing ourselves in togetherness with those closest to us, is kind of sacred. Or it can be, if we look at it that way. And thanks to my mother’s magic (as well as the magic of good butter), a meal of radishes and boiled potatoes turned into the finest of feasts.

Easter Meal Appetizers: radishes, olives, hard boiled quail eggs and butter

So here are two possible menus for a beautiful gathering, may it be an Easter dinner, a family lunch, a birthday, an anniversary, you name it. I’ll be posting a couple more recipes (marked with *) this week ahead of the holiday weekend, so stay tuned! I started with the first course (deviled eggs, fresh off the press). Next up is the lamb, and then dessert.

The “fancy” sitdown 4 course Easter Dinner menu

Hors-d’œuvres ~ Olives, radishes with butter & salt, and hard-boiled quail eggs

“Angelic” Deviled Eggs with crème fraîche and yogurt

7 Hour Slow-Cooked Leg of Lamb

With French Flageolets Beans and these incredible carrots in yogurt dressing

Cheeses, with my favorite sourdough table loaf**

(I try to pick one goat cheese, one cow’s milk, one firmer sheep’s milk cheese, and one blue cheese)

Strawberry Crème Fraîche Tart*

**Look for my Instagram Stories tutorials starting April 12!

A berry tart

The buffet-style Easter menu

Everything is set on a table, and everyone helps themselves from the spread at their leisure at the buffet! All these items are fairly quick to prepare and the kids can help! Most dishes can be made the day before too.

A boy's hands holding a plate with deviled eggs in a garden

Crudités (Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers)

Goat Cheese Mousse Canapés

Radishes (a variety), with butter and salt

Deviled Eggs with crème fraîche and yogurt

Herbed Pea Salad

Cheese Selection & Good Bread

Savory Loaves : Ham & Olive ~ Fennel, Spinach, Watercress

Carrot Banana Muffins

Chocolate Pudding

This Trifle made with seasonal berries

I hope these spark some ideas for your festive meal! From our family to yours: Bon appétit! 🙂

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