Deviled Eggs with Pesto, Yogurt and Crème Fraîche

Spring makes me want to cook. Holidays make me want to cook. Friends make me want to cook. These deviled Eggs are perfect for all three! They are tangy, soft, creamy, delicate, and light. In short, a little cloud of egg goodness 😉

a plate of deviled eggs

For a step by step video guide on how to make this deviled egg recipe, click here 🙂

They also could be described as “healthy”by some, but that word always makes me cringe a little. It just feels a little too self-righteous. There is too much “should” in “healthy”, and it just spoils all the fun. Even children can spot the killjoy in that word from a mile away! Does our family eat “healthy”? I suppose we do. Most people seem to think so. I always prefer to think that we eat well. We eat good food. We put the focus on eating real food, as unprocessed as possible, or processed by me. (In this case, the pesto, yogurt and crème fraîche were all homemade, but of course, you could easily get good quality products from the store).

Anything homemade always seems to heighten the pleasure we take in eating something, have you noticed that? This is certainly true for our children too. If they’ve participated in the cooking, even a little, they might enjoy the dish with more engagement. I also like to focus on cooking with the best of all secret ingredients : Love. Because intention does matter in our cooking. Thinking about bringing joy to loved ones. About bringing loved ones together. About creating a memory of connection and enjoyment. A “hmmm” moment. That’s precious.

“Neurons that fire together, wire together.” Daniel J. Siegel

This right there is where good food and parenting meet. When we do create an “hmmm” experience of connection and enjoyment around good food, we create a lasting memory and an association. Good food finds a cozy, heartwarming home in the brain, a place to come back to throughout life. And there’s nothing deviled about that, if you ask me! Shall we rename them “Angeled eggs”, then?

A boy's hands holding a plate with deviled eggs in a garden

From our family to yours, wishing you a lovely Spring holiday, with lots of “hmmm” moments. They’re the essence of living in the present moment.

close up of a deviled egg

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3 thoughts on “Deviled Eggs with Pesto, Yogurt and Crème Fraîche

  1. 5 stars
    Okay… your slow roasted leg of lamb fell off the bone and was mouth watering amazing – annnnd it didn’t have that weird lamby after taste that always made me avoid lamb in the first place. So, juicy, soft and tasty – mmmmmmm! Mmmmm. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  2. 5 stars
    I was fortunate enough to eat three of these Deviled Eggs with Pesto, Yogurt and Crème Fraîche that Helene Skantzikas made… I’m an American man from a small farming town so I have no idea what Creme Fraiche is but I don’t care – cause it was almost too good – this changes the deviled egg game – the combination of pesto, yogurt and creme all placed at the center of a hard boiled egg was unbelievably devilish to my taste buds! So, so. so, TASTY!

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