Colcannon, Irish Mash with a French twist (Leeks!)

Saint Patty’s Day is right around the corner, and here I am with my version of Colcannon, this tasty and hearty Irish potato recipe that blends leafy greens (typically kale) and starchy potatoes. Well, leeks are much more often laying around my fridge than kale! That’s how this French twist on the traditionnal Colcannon recipe was born.

colcannon irish mash with leeks

This was also my opportunity to do my very first recipe video for the blog! I have much learning to do still, but it was exciting to set up a camera in my tiny (so so tiny, but trusty) kitchen and create a step by step guide for this Colcannon recipe. I’d love to hear what you think!

Going to Ireland is definitely on our travel list, but we have not made it there yet. What I love, is the idea of travelling as a family through meals, and occasions like St Patrick’s day are perfect for this. Wednesday will be Irish themed at our house. Pablo and I will reseach all things Irish, talk to some Irish friends about the favorite recipes of their childhood (what’s yours?), we will be forced to have a green salad for lunch, for obvious reasons.

Ingredients: potatoes, leeks, butter, milk
4 basic ingredients for this Irish Mash recipe

I’m always looking for reasons to celebrate, I think. These types of holidays add bonding rituals to our lives. They are opportunities for joy, for connection, for learning, for light-heartedness, which I long for very much these days. It’s the antidote to the mental load of motherhood. Our constant mapping of everyone’s needs, our anticipating, planning, thinking, empathizing, facilitating, problem-solving, organizing, squeezing in… If these words resonate, I’m right there with you.

braised leeks

So I look forward to a day of mind travel and celebration. I think I’m going to make this lovely Guinness Irish stew go with our Colcannon Irish potatoes, but I’ll replace the potatoes with parsnip and celeriac so we don’t overdose on potatoes!

This easy Colcannon recipe with leeks will definitely stay on our dinner rotation, it’s delicious and very quick.

Wishing you a pot o’ gold, and all the joy your heart can hold, for whatever occasion you may choose!

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