Bonjour! We’re Helene and Pablo! I’m a French single mom, living and home cooking in Los Angeles for the past 20 years. We cook, we homeschool, we travel. We aim to be what the French call “bons vivants”. Here’s to good living!

Food, writing and photography have been my passions for a long time and thanks to my son and the support of fellow parents who have been interested in my cooking for my family, I am finally relaunching this blog to share some of my recipes and experiences on this wonderful journey.
Our family – and our cooking – is multicultural, as we have Greek and Spanish origins, and a passion for travel. Pablo and I love discovering new countries and their cuisines. Our most fascinating recent trips were to India and Tahiti.

A very important goal of many French families, is the “éducation du goût”, the education of taste. I believe taste and appreciation of good and healthy foods, and curiosity for a wide variety of foods, can be learned and cultivated.

I hope to share my trials and tribulations on this journey of educating my son’s palate so he can enjoy food as one of the fundamental ways in which we, humans, can enjoy and experience life and our own bodies.

Finally, one caveat… I will share my recipes, but I am not a nutritionist or doctor, and you should always check with your pediatrician before feeding your baby new foods.

Thanks so much for your interest! Happy cooking!

French Foodie Baby